6 unusual things to do in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are known for their windmills, tulip fields, wooden shoes and world-renowned painters, but it has a lot more to offer. Here’s a list of 5 unusual things you can do during your visit.

1. Sleeping inside an East-German aircraft

Visiting the Netherlands with your significant other? How about surprising him or her with a night in an airplane suite?

This East-German aircraft has been completely renovated into a 5-star hotel, with jacuzzi, sauna, steam shower, living room with an impressive DVD collection and, of course, a comfy bed.

The hotel is located right next to the tiny Teuge airport. So, if the weather is good, the two of you can sit in the balcony (yes, the plane has a balcony!) and watch pilots practice.

2. Dining in the dark

Imagine having a meal in a pitch-dark restaurant, not knowing the menu beforehand. That’s what you get at CTaste, in Amsterdam.

The owners argue that the dark allows you to concentrate better on what really matters: the taste. Do you agree?

Another unusual thing about this restaurant is that all waiters are blind — after all, who else would be better for guiding guests in the dark?

3. Cuddling with cows

Dutch cows are famous worldwide and you’re guaranteed to see lots of them while traveling in the Netherlands in the summer.

But why settle for seeing them, when you can actually hug them? A farm in Voorst offers three hours of “cow-munication”, as they say, during which you get to pet, hug and even lie by a cow’s side. Watch my video (in English, subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese) about the workshop.

4. Curling at the Museumplein, in Amsterdam


Curling with my Imbull colleagues in 2014

If you’re traveling with a group to the Netherlands in the winter, and you’re looking for an activity to break the ice, try this curling workshop on the ice rink built annually at Museumplein, the square where the most famous museums in Amsterdam are located.

During two hours, you’ll learn the rules of the game and compete against each other. Winners get a prize.

5. Drinking beer in a church


50% of the Dutch population isn’t religious, so many churches have been deactivated and their buildings adapted for other purposes.

In Utrecht, for example, you can have a drink at Café Olivier, a former church that now serves an impressive menu of Belgian beers.

6. Swinging 100 meters above the ground


Feeling adventurous? Then you’ll love the Over the Edge Swing at the top of A’DAM, a skyscraper in Amsterdam.

You’ll swing back and forth almost 100 meters above the ground, right at the edge of the building. You can’t get a better view of the Dutch capital!

The A’DAM tower is also home to Moon, a revolving restaurant where you get a 360° view of the city.