Lauren Luke

British make-up artist Lauren Luke was one of the first women in the world to become famous for making tutorials on YouTube. She wrote a book, which has been translated and released in Brazil by publisher Editora Globo in 2010. Editora Globo took a big risk when buying the rights to this book, as few people in Brazil knew who Luke was. They believed, however, in the appeal of its content: a step-by-step guide to reproducing celebrities’ looks.

I was doing an internship there at the time and they asked me to conceptualize a promotional action for this release on the Internet. However, social networks were not yet a thing in Brazil. Facebook wasn’t popular at all, people were just getting acquainted with Twitter and even YouTube, where Luke made her fame, had just a handful of successful Brazilian channels by then.

Blogs, however, were a big hit, and companies were starting to perceive them as a new outlet for advertising. Most fashion and travel bloggers who make millions in Brazil nowadays earned their very first paychecks back in 2010.

I proposed to make a website about the book, featuring an introduction to Lauren, an exclusive interview with her and a selection of her best videos.


In order to attract people to the website, we made a contest asking women to post their own make-up tutorials on YouTube. They had to be based on the picture of a celebrity. The three best looks (chosen by a jury comprised of three rising make-up bloggers — I can’t believe I actually got them to work for free, considering how much they charge now) would win a book.

Besides counting on those three bloggers’ audience, I made a list of other bloggers who were interested in make-up and beauty. They all received a personalized e-mail about the book and contest. As a result, many not only joined the contest but wrote about it on their blogs.