In 2015, Dutch NGO i+solutions changed its brand identitity, adopting new colors and a new logo.


My first task as communication officer was to make brochures reflecting the new brand identity. Those brochures are mostly distributed during international conferences and trade shows.

Since people tend to receive a lot of brochures in such events, it is important to stand out. The brochure also has to be easy to carry, so that people will not throw it away or leave it behind.

I then had the idea to make a plus-shaped brochure, which folds into a square small enough to fit into somebody’s front pocket.


When receiving the brochure, the reader has its attention grabbed by an astounding fact:


When opening the first tab, the text gives them hope: such a sad situation can be changed. Then, the reader’s immediately introduced to the organization that can help achieving that goal and the partners it works with.


i+solutions’ motto is “pills and skills”: in order to solve the problem, it’s necessary to donate medicines to developing countries, but they cannot depend on foreign aid forever. We must also transfer skills so they can properly manage their own supply chain of medicines.

That is why the last two pages talk about how many pills the NGO has distributed in recent years and the skills they are transferring through their consultancy and training projects.



When folded back again, the backside displays i+solutions’ contact details.


The brochure’s concept and content was developed by me, while the design was made by Sazza under my supervision.