Casamento Click: increasing engagement on Facebook

How to increase engagement on a Facebook page? The answer is simple: post high-quality content that grabs your audience’s attention, solves their problems and evokes their best emotions.

Do that consistently and followers will grow to trust your page and gladly recommend it to their friends.

Between 2011 and 2013, I’ve worked as social media manager for Casamento Click, the Brazilian version of Spanish wedding planning portal BodaClick.

During that period, the number of likes and shares on their Facebook page has grown considerably. Here’s how I did it:

Being consistent

I started posting three times a day instead of one, increasing the page’s visibility on the followers’ timeline. To make sure quantity would not compromise quality, I’ve implemented a content calendar.

Eye-catching pictures

Before I started, Casamento Click’s main goal for its Facebook page was to attract more visitors to the website, so all my predecessor did was post links to articles.

While generating traffic to the website is important (Casamento Click earns money by advertising products and services on their web page), a Facebook fanpage should be seen as a medium in its own right. It’s another way to tell your brand’s story and help your customers out.

Facebook users don’t always want to leave the social network. Also, the algorithm makes posts with external links less visible. So, in addition to the links, I’ve added picture-based posts to the calendar.

They revolved around the following themes:

1. Creative wedding ideas

Brazilian brides are always looking for something to make their wedding stand out from the rest. This type of post is both inspiring and useful. Original ideas also prompt the followers to tag a friend or share the post.


Wedding invitation on photographic film: 104 likes, 60 shares, 22 comments. Notice the users tagging friends in the comments

2. Beautiful wedding dresses

This is arguably a bride’s most important decision, and they often look at dozens of pictures to figure out what kind of dress they want. Consistently suggesting different dress styles kept those brides coming back to the page.


Later that same day: 124 likes, 37 shares, 6 comments

3. Romantic pictures

Organizing a wedding isn’t easy, so it’s nice to remind grooms and brides to be about the bigger picture. Photos that celebrate love or suggest romantic ideas for the wedding day appeal to the followers’ emotions and associate Casamento Click’s brand to a positive feeling.


Groom’s note under the bride’s shoe: 133 likes, 67 shares, 17 comments. Women are tagging their friends and partners in the comments.

4. Friday’s shout out

Most people in Brazil marry on a Saturday, so every Friday we would post a beautiful wedding picture wishing luck to all couples marrying the day after.

Those about to get married usually tagged their partners and friends looking forward to the big day, while those still on the planning phase would tag photographers for photo shoot inspiration.


While those picture-based posts did not direct users to Casamento Click’s website, thus not necessarily generating sales, they’ve helped to establish the page as a valuable source of information.

Loyal followers would then learn that they could turn to the website for even more value.

Calls for action

After a couple months, I noticed that beautiful pictures were great for generating more likes and shares, but we could do better with comments.

So I started to include questions and calls for action in the posts, inviting followers to share their opinions and experiences, and get to know each other better. A few examples:

  • Asking followers which of two wedding dresses they find the prettiest;
  • Asking them whether they would or would not follow a new wedding trend;
  • Asking them how they met their partner;
  • Asking them what’s the worse thing that could happen on their wedding day;
  • Asking them to choose an emoji to express how their wedding is going to be.

People love to talk about themselves. Sometimes all they need is a little push! This type of post helps to build a community around the brand.


“What kind of bride are you?”. The image prompts followers to answer the question. It got 86 comments — way above our average at the time. I also asked followers to share the picture, and 185 of them have done so.