Casamento Click

Between 2011 and 2013, I worked as freelance social media manager for Casamento Click, the Brazilian version of Spanish wedding planning portal BodaClick. I would like to highlight my work on their Facebook page. The number of likes grew exponentially during that period, thanks to the strategy I have used.

More posts
I started posting three times a day instead of just one, thus increasing the number of followers who would get to see Casamento Click on their timeline.

Eye-catching pictures
Before I started, the main goal of their Facebook page was to attract more visitors to the website. The problem with such strategy is that people on Facebook rarely want to leave their timelines, and Facebook began making posts with external links less and less visible. For these reasons, I decided to make the Facebook page an outlet on its own, complimentary to the website.

Since people tend to not read long texts on Facebook, most posts were picture-based. I have distributed the following types of pictures into the calendar:

1. Creative wedding ideas: brides are always looking for something to make their wedding stand out from the rest.


Wedding invitation on photographic film: 104 likes, 60 shares, 22 comments. Note that many people tag their friends in the comments

2.Beautiful wedding dresses, to help brides in one of their most important decisions.


Later that same day: 124 likes, 37 shares, 6 comments

3. Romantic pictures appealing to our followers’ emotions


Groom’s note under the bride’s shoe: 133 likes, 67 shares, 17 comments. Note that women are tagging their friends and partners in the comments.

4. Friday’s shout out: most people in Brazil marry on a Saturday, so every Friday we would post a beautiful wedding picture wishing happiness to all couples marrying the day after. This gave followers a chance to tag their future partners and friends.


Calls for action
Nice pictures are not enough, though. That works well with likes and shares, but not so much with comments. In order to make users engage with the page, it’s important to post questions and calls for action.

A few examples: asking followers which of two wedding dress photos they find the prettiest; asking them whether they would or would not follow a new wedding trend and why; or simply asking them for their wedding date or how they met their partner. People love chatting and sharing. Sometimes you just have to give them a little push.


“What kind of bride are you?”. The image prompts followers to answer the question. I also asked them to share the picture: 185 followers have done so.